You must attach the Application for Alternative Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges for those merit badges earned in place of the Eagle required badge s. It is the same as the Eagle Scout knot but with a silver border and it replaces the Eagle square knot on the uniform. Please use the most current application found at www. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FOR COUNCIL USE ONLY TO THE EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICANT. This application is to be submitted after you have completed all requirements for the Eagle...
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Who needs an Eagle Scout Rank Application?

The Form is an Application for the Eagle Scout Rank. All the attached documents are proofs for the Council Service that the applicant matches all the requirements for getting the Rank. As far as adult scouts don’t carry badges this Form is used by children (people younger than 18 y.o.)

What is an Eagle Scout Rank Application Used for?

The Application Form is used for getting an Eagle Scout Rank which represents a milestone of accomplishment recognized all over the U.S. and further.

Is an Eagle Scout Rank Application Accompanied by Other Forms?

An Eagle Scout Rank Application shall enclose attachments listed below:

  • Service project workbook
  • Statement of ambitions and life purpose
  • Listing of positions, honors and awards

When is an Eagle Scout Rank Application due?

An Eagle Scout Rank Application may be filed any time after completing all the tasks required for getting the rank. However this shall be done before the 18th birthday of the applicant.

What Information Should be Provided in an Eagle Scout Rank Application ?

This Application Form should contain the following information:

  • The date of becoming a Boy Scout
  • The date of becoming a Varsity Scout
  • The date of becoming a Venturer or Sea Scout
  • Birthday
  • The dates of earning all merit badges
  • The date of finishing Eagle Service Project
  • The date of Scoutmaster conference
  • References
  • Information about Merit Badges
  • Position of responsibility

Where do I send an Eagle Scout Rank Application?

The Application Form with the Attachments shall be submitted to the Chief Council Service Center depending on the State applicant is either registered or lives in.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing eagle scout application
Instructions and Help about eagle rank application form

So in this presentation we're going to talk about the Eagle Scout rank application process and then we'll also have a little bit of a discussion about how Eagle Scout references are administered sounds like fun you don't get out much do you to begin with we're going to talk about what happens before the Eagle Board of Review first the Scout must complete all the requirements you then prepares the Eagle Scout service project what but then the application for Eagle is completed all the required signatures are obtained then the application is submitted to the council service center for verification and once verified the border review is scheduled and then the references are contacted and the board of review is held now let's look at the way that process works in a little more detail now here's a list of things to consider when filling out the application it's something that are commonly called red flag items the first are dates make sure that the birth date first class through life boards review all merit badges all position of responsibility dates are all correct and complete on the form the next red flag is signatures make sure that the applicant has signed the form as well as the unit leader and the unit committee chair make sure the references are listed there are five if the Scout is not currently employed it's not affiliated with an organized religion then the parent or guardian provides this reference the 21 merit badge is being used for the rank of Eagle must be listed along with the date on which each was earned the position of responsibility must be one of those listed for Eagle Scout rank and must relate to the unit where the Scout is registered and active and finally all the attachments the service project workbook the scout statement of his life ambitions and life purpose and a listing of other positions honors and awards will be sent along with the packet we should note that the statement of ambitions and life purpose as noted on the Eagle Scout rank application is unofficial rank requirement it will be added to the requirements shown in official literature when they're revised okay so once all these issues are taken care of then the application is ready to send in right yeah that's right we want to copy the application all the attachments and we want to retain a copy of the applique Paquette I've never had a scout lose anything yeah it's pretty important paperwork and a lot of work has gone into creating the packets you do want to make sure to keep a copy and then you deliver the original promptly to the council service center it's best to deliver it by hand but if that's not practical it needs to go by certified mail is there any kind of rush I'm getting it up there well I wouldn't say you need to rush but timeliness is especially critical probably especially if the Scout is nearing his 18th birthday that's right and a lot of them are aren't they first of all the candidate shouldn't have to wait and if he's approaching or he has...